PAL Robotics founding member of euRobotics!

PAL Robotics was subscribed as Founding Member of euRobotics aisbl (Association internationale Sans But Lucratif) that is the private partner of PPP.
The European Robotics Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the teaming up of the robotics industry, research, academia and the European Commission to launch a joint research, development and innovation program in order to strengthen the position of European robotics as a whole. The program will be jointly developed by the private side (robotics manufacturers, component manufacturers, systems integrators, end users, research institutes, universities) and the public side (the European Commission).

The main objective of the Robotics PPP is to boost current European robotics research, development and innovation. It also aims to cultivate a positive perception of robotics in order to assure competitiveness and industrial leadership of manufacturers, providers and users of robotic technology based systems and services, as well as fostering the excellence of its science base.

Tuesday 18th of September in Brussels the Robotics PPP MoU event was celebrated (Mou stands for Memorandum Of Understanding), where Neelie Kroes (Vice-President of the European Commission), Bernd Liepert (EUROP Coordinator, CTO of KUKA and President of euRobotics aisbl) and Herman Bruyninckx (EURON Coordinator, Vice-President of euRobotics aisbl) have signed the Memorandum.

A toast on the birth of euRobotics!

For further information read the press release press release “Commission and European industry commit to bigger and better robotics sector”, and also have a look at the website of European Robotics Technology Platform.

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