Oriol Torres reports from the La Salle Engineering School in Barcelona

Oriol Torres from La Salle Engineering School

Last Thursday July 19th 2012, Oriol Torres, the Business Strategy Manager from PAL Robotics in Barcelona, gave a talk to the students of the Postgraduate Course in Robotics from La Salle Engineering School . This course brings up knowledge and tools to design and manage projects of industrial, social and educational robotics.

The course topics are oriented to gain knowledge of the key processes in the sector of autonomous systems and to improve the education of students with the key areas of service robotics.

Oriol Torres from PAL Robotics during his presentation at the La Salle Engineering School

PAL Robotics was invited as a leader company in the service robotics industry. PAL Robotics can provide a general view of the main challenges of the service robotics industry in the next years and the links with the different markets. Oriol Torres provided to the students this general view of the service robotics industry and of the present and future of PAL Robotics in particular.

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