StockBot, the inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore!

The retail robot Stockbot ensures the accuracy of stock-tacking operations

The advantages of having StockBot controlling inventory

StockBot keeps expanding its presence and helping retailers control stock; now we can also find our inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore Labs store. StockBot automates stock count in retail stores and warehouses, generating a 3D map with the products’ location and enabling an exhaustive knowledge of stock fluctuation. This year, our inventory robot started working at Decathlon Singapore Labs store. This store stands as one of the most innovative shops in the world, as it integrates several new technologies with ground-breaking applications for commerce, such as our inventory-tracking autonomous mobile robot.

StockBot raised interest from retailers since the moment it solved a critical need in the sector in a very simple and effective way. Counting stock is still a non-frequent task in stores today, it is costly and tedious, and the information that is manually gathered often contains errors. StockBot provides reliable data of what is inside the store as frequently as the retailer needs, and its outcome goes beyond that: the robot delivers the precise location of the products in a 3D map of the space. This is precious information for the retail business, as they can rapidly detect misplaced products, out-of-stock items, or even analyse the stock flow, all thanks to the data gathered by our RFID retail robot.

Stores can easily deploy our retail robot, with just one fast set-up required. After that, employees can rely on the inventory data, forget about manually product counting, and will have more time to focus on improving the customer experience. Meanwhile, the robot’s flexibility will enable it to smoothly adapt to any change in space, either if it a change of furniture distribution, or if it has to safely avoid customers and employees moving around it. Today StockBot is working with diverse retailers worldwide, and we can add one more store to the list now that we can find our inventory robot at Decathlon Singapore Labs.


The stock-tacking robot moves autonomously through the corridors thanks to its lasers and safety sensors, which enable it to detect people and changes in the environment and adapt its movements to them. StockBot completes the entire inventory of a 5,000m2 store in just 6 hours. As it navigates, it detects the RFID-tagged items and places them on a 3D map, with which the store can get updated and accurate information to control the products, and even study these data to make informed decisions. Our robots’ modularity even enables the robot to take visual inventories for specific retailers’ needs, such as supermarkets. Learn more about how Stockbot takes inventory by merging RFID and vision!

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