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TIAGo robot's demonstration for SIMBIOTS project which focuses on industry 4.0
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SIMBIOTS project for industry 4.0 enables robots to work better with humans

Analysing collaborative robotics: interactions between robots and workers Collaborative project SIMBIOTS that PAL Robotics is a project partner in has…
TIAGo Base in MapCable industrial warehouse
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TIAGo Base empowers workers at Catalan electrical organisation and special work centre MAPCABLE

Exploring new technologies to extend workers’ capabilities TIAGo Base made a welcome addition to the team at Catalan electrical wiring…
A thank you banner for PAL Robotics' sponsoring the ERF and an image of ARI
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ERF 2021: European Robotics’ Key Annual Event And Our Highlights

Official event opening We were delighted to add to the conversation on European robotics at the ERF 2021 virtual event,…
PAL Robotics' guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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Your Guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): all you need to know A number of developments in transportation of goods in industry have…
The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) TIAGo Base represented in a concept while delivering food
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PAL Robotics is fighting COVID-19 in hospitals through DIH-HERO

TIAGo Delivery with the Jupiter and Triton sensors  With the unpredictable health crisis of COVID-19 continuing to place high demands…
TIAGo robot at ICRA 2020
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ICRA 2020 has a new format offering workshops, awards, members events and more

The new ICRA 2020 A highlight in the events calendar for the robotics community, including PAL Robotics, each year is…
TIAGo loading a box on TIAGo Base during Project Co4Robots
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Multiple robots and humans working together in project Co4Robots

Project milestones for Co4Robots PAL Robotics has been part of a team of project partners working on the European project…
TIAGo Base different configurations
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How to build a solution for fighting coronavirus using the TIAGo Base robot

Choosing the right TIAGo Base solution for your organisation Current coronavirus (COVID-19) consequences call for a fast development and implementation…