How to build a solution for fighting coronavirus using the TIAGo Base robot

TIAGo Base different configurations

Choosing the right TIAGo Base solution for your organisation

Current coronavirus (COVID-19) consequences call for a fast development and implementation of new and existing technologies to help hospitals, businesses and industry to stop the spread of the pandemic.

As well as hospitals dealing with the challenges of the virus on the front line, businesses and industry face the upcoming pressures of social distancing of staff to meet regulations. In this climate, ready-to-go technological solutions including robotics are becoming more and more sought after.

“You can have your own solution on top of a TIAGo Base robot, be it for healthcare, industry or office environments, working in less than a day.” We have been receiving lots of inquiries asking us how easy and fast it is to integrate a solution on top of our TIAGo Base robot, so we decided to give a more in depth explanation of how simple it is to get started right away on building your own solution, for example for fighting COVID-19.

TIAGo Base is one of our most flexible and adaptable robots, which is ready to help in tackling the pandemic. Below we explain how to choose and also easily change the robot’s upper body to meet your needs during the pandemic and beyond. You can read how it empowered workers at MAPCABLE.

“TIAGo Base easily adapts to its environment and staff don’t need specialised training to operate the robot.” TIAGo Base works out-of-the-box but is also designed to be customized, adapts easily to its environment, and, being very compact, can work in all spaces. Staff don’t need specialised training to operate TIAGo Base robots and robots’ tasks can be changed on the go.

The PMB of TIAGo Base

“Our TIAGo Base was created to be the base robot for different types of solutions and is easily extendable for different purposes.” The robot is quickly and easily set up can be adapted in many ways to form the solution that’s right for you, here are some examples:

  • TIAGo Base with a safety box to form TIAGo Delivery: a solution designed for food or medication deliveries in hospitals and hotels. With its configuration neatly organized in a safety box, the autonomous robot makes deliveries quickly and safely, reducing the need for social interactions and also the spread of infection. TIAGo Delivery is quick, easy to set up and robots’ tasks can be easily changed on the go.
  • TIAGo Base with a roller conveyor to form TIAGo Base Conveyor: a solution perfect for easy loading of boxes of objects such as deliveries, supplies, medication or food. This type of solution automates the loading and unloading of goods to the autonomous mobile robot (AMR), as well as its transportation within the site.
  • TIAGo Base ready for stacking boxes to form TIAGo Base Standard Boxes Configuration: this solution for stacking boxes for delivery of a large number of objects is ideal for delivering mail or factory goods in businesses and food, medication and medical supplies in hospitals.
  • TIAGo Base with UV-C lights to form TIAGo Base Autonomous Disinfection Robot (ADR): this autonomous solution is able to perform cleaning and disinfection in any public space or hospital and is much faster than traditional methods. ADR autonomously navigates finding the best route for ensuring the disinfection of the whole space using its attached UV-C disinfection lights.

Our TIAGo Base family of robots

TIAGo Base and its adaptations form a whole family of TIAGo Base robots, which can even work together and complement each other in their tasks, ideal for maintaining productivity whilst social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection.

The autonomous mobile robot TIAGo Base in various configurations

Building and customizing your TIAGo Base

TIAGo Base is able to handle a payload of up to 100 kg for delivering objects and moves at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. If you have a TIAGo Base it’s very easy to adapt the solution mechanically to add some different configurations to its upper body, here we show you how.

1. To get started, remove the frontal top aluminium plate so the Expansion Panel is accessible:

Opening the top lid of TIAGo Base

2. Inside, you will see the Expansion panel specifications and the USB each is connected to:

TIAGo Base expansion panel specifications

3. You will also see the Power connector, and here is the pinout for it:

TIAGo Base Power connector in the Expansion panel

IMPORTANT note: The robot is equipped with 2x Li-Ion batteries of 36 V and 20 Ah each. Battery output is within the range of 30 V to 42 V depending on the battery charge level. However, we are able to meet 24 V or 48 V easily with a proper DC/DC converter

4. The Communications expansion connector is also visible here, and here are the details of the connector pinout:

TIAGO Base Communication expansion connector

5. The last thing to note in this section is the GPIOs connector which provides pins for General Purpose Input/Output pins:

TIAGo Base Emergency stop and GPIO connector

6. Finally, by removing the large aluminium plate on top of the robot you’ll see the Mechanical Interface, with 4 fixation points available in order to mount any structure on top of the base, of up to 100 kg.

The mounting points marked in red circles:

TIAGo Base: mounting points
Lastly, here are the main dimensions of the mechanical structure:

TIAGo Base - Main dimensions of the mechanical structure

For operating TIAGo Base, you can choose the option that suits your needs best – using our intuitive Web GUI, compatible with multiple devices (tablet, computer, mobile, etc), or integrating our AMRs with your ERP or internal management system.

TIAGo Base has both a ROS and a RESTful API which we can provide you with, fully documented and ready to be used by integrators to interface with the software.

Examples of TIAGo Base integrations

Here are further examples of integrations on top of TIAGo Base:

The autonomous mobile robot TIAGo Base in various configuration

We are ready to work with you to meet your current or upcoming challenges in any way by helping you design or customize your TIAGo Base robot or fleet of robots, you can even get started right away by using the simulator available online.

To find out more about PAL Robotics and TIAGo Base, visit our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts for a free consultation on how to apply dimension mobility solutions within your organization, or to find the solution that’s right for you.

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