Project overview

TRAIL is an interdisciplinary research and training initiative aimed at enhancing transparency in AI and robotics. It focuses on training doctoral candidates to develop interpretable neural systems and transparent robotic behaviors. Emphasizing human-robot interaction and psychological insights, the project strives to make robotic actions more understandable and intuitive, facilitating smoother human-robot collaborations.

2.06 M
project funding
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Our Role

In the TRAIL project, PAL Robotics employed their humanoid social robot, ARI, to demonstrate the practical application of transparent and interpretable robotic systems. ARI’s role is crucial in showcasing how robotics can be made understandable and relatable through human-robot interaction. This includes implementing the project’s research findings in real-world scenarios to ensure the robot’s behaviors are clearly communicated.

Key responsibilities

  • Using the humanoid social robot ARI as a platform for exploring transparent robotic systems.
  • Integrating principles of internal decision understanding and external transparent behavior into ARI’s design and functionality.
  • Collaborating with other consortium members to develop a scaffolded training curriculum for doctoral candidates.
  • Providing expertise in social robotics and human-robot interaction to enhance ARI’s ability to interact intuitively and naturally with human users.
  • Demonstrating the industry relevance of transparent robotics through collaboration with leading European and worldwide-operating robotics companies.