Project overview

PRIMI is dedicated to developing the next generation of personal robots with enhanced cognition and motor intelligence. The project integrates diverse fields like neurophysiology and cognitive mechatronics to design robots that understand and interact with their environment more effectively, especially focusing on robot-led rehabilitation for stroke survivors.

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project funding
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Our Role

In the PRIMI project, PAL Robotics plays an important role in building and upgrading the KANGAROO robot platform. This robot utilizes advanced event-driven models for dynamic system control, integrated into a cognitive architecture. We also support cross-disciplinary validation and clinical trials, ensuring that the robot’s actuators and control systems are seamlessly integrated with PRIMI’s sensory and computing frameworks.

Key responsibilities

  • Providing an upgraded KANGAROO platform for the development of neuromorphic humanoid robots.
  • Implementing a novel event-driven dynamical system model for cognitive control.
  • Orchestrating robot control through cognitive architecture and spiking models for higher cognition.
  • Supporting cross-disciplinary validation and clinical experimentation in robot-led physical rehabilitation.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of robot actuators with PRIMI’s computing and sensing capabilities for enhanced autonomy and interaction.