Project overview

The ARISE project is a transformative initiative in industrial Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), aiming to revolutionize manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries across Europe. Aligned with Industry 5.0 principles, it seeks to create resilient, sustainable, and human-centric work environments, enhancing efficiency and productivity through seamless collaboration between humans and robots.

10.6 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the ARISE project, PAL Robotics uses the TIAGo robot to tackle important tasks in healthcare settings, like fetching items and interacting with people through multiple methods. TIAGo helps test how robots can work better with humans, making sure the robot’s actions are helpful and clear in real-world situations like kitchens modeled after hospital environments.

Key responsibilities

  • Addressing critical challenges in healthcare HRI through multimodal interaction.
  • Streamlining fetch & carry tasks in healthcare environments.
  • Conducting tests and validations using the TIAGo robot in real-life scenarios.
  • Working on building and validating industrial applications for the ROS4HRI framework, aiming to establish it as the standard for HRI development within the ROS 2 ecosystem.