Project overview

The AGIMUS project is designed to enhance AI-driven agile production in robotics. This project focuses on developing robots that can quickly adapt and perform efficiently in manufacturing by using advanced AI in perception, planning, and control. The goal is to equip robots with the skills to handle varied manufacturing tasks with minimal setup and maximum autonomy.

5.29 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In AGIMUS, PAL Robotics utilizes TIAGo++ to showcase breakthrough innovations in agile production. TIAGo++ is central to testing how robots can autonomously perform complex tasks in manufacturing. The project involves enhancing TIAGo++ with advanced motion planning and control techniques, demonstrating its capabilities in real-world industrial scenarios, thereby advancing the state of robotics in agile production environments.

Key responsibilities

  • Integrating advanced task and motion planning algorithms into the robot’s software architecture.
  • Implementing reinforcement learning-based optimal control policies to enhance motion execution.
  • Developing and integrating advanced perception algorithms for robust object handling in dynamic environments.
  • Collaborating in optimizing energy efficiency and leveraging 5G technology for enhanced autonomy.
  • Participating in the demonstration and stress-testing of AGIMUS solutions across diverse real-world scenarios and industrial pilots in Europe.