How to use our social robot ARI in your business

The social robot ARI interacting with four people

ARI for your business

With a whole host of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services on offer, human-like features, and the ability to sense and interact with people, there is more and more demand for social robots in business today. The latest addition to the PAL Robotics family, social robot ARI, is no exception to this trend. Many types of organisations are becoming increasingly open to incorporating new technology to automate some of their daily services, as well as offering an engaging point of differentiation and an enhanced customer experience. 

Our social robot ARI is designed for all kinds of social settings and environments, for example to act as a receptionist in order to welcome and guide visitors, to provide information and education at events and museums through touchscreen content, and to answer questions and entertain crowds in public settings. Here are just a few examples of where ARI can fit within your organisation.

Social robot as a receptionist 

Our receptionist service robot, ARI, welcomes and engages with both clients and team members. This includes providing dynamic information to customers – such as verbally answering their questions or providing information and even multimedia content through the robot’s touch screen. At reception, ARI is also able to inform staff about the arrival of visitors, or lead visitors to a conference room. 

The humanoid robot ARI working as a receptionist

Event robot ARI

At events, ARI welcomes delegates and acts as a tour guide, leading visitors to points of interest such as stands or booths. ARI answers delegate questions and will move around the event space as needed, since the robot is accustomed to operating in crowded environments. For check-ins at events, ARI even has in-built sensors which scan visitors’ event QR codes to register attendance. 

Educational robot ARI

ARI is suitable for education – with the ability to interact with the surroundings, the social robot is ready to entertain a large group of people. For example, ARI’s touchscreen provides information to groups interacting with the robot, and the social robot educates through pre-defined information, either spoken or using touchscreen multimedia content. The social robot ARI speaks in over 30 languages, as well as makes gestures, such as waving and dancing to entertain crowds.

ARI robot for education

Retail robot ARI

For a unique retail experience, ARI is ready to welcome and engage with customers and team members alike in stores and shopping centres, with your updated product information, as well as helping your customers find what they are looking for via searches or maps. ARI is also equipped with multiple sensors and is able to generate data for you to gain valuable insight about your services following customer interactions with the robot. 

Airport assistant robot ARI

ARI is ready to greet visitors in airports, including providing information such as directions with maps, information on airport services available including shopping, lounges and support, and answering FAQs. In this scenario ARI is ready to provide entertainment to visitors, as well as welcoming them in their language.

Service robot in finance

ARI is ready to help customers at the bank with responses to FAQs, assisting them in filling out forms and providing more information on products and services through the service robot’s touchscreen and multimedia content, including content in different languages as selected by the user. ARI’s data collection can be utilised here following customer interactions. 

Service robot for healthcare

In healthcare, ARI supports both visitors and patients, providing information to visitors arriving at the facilities, such as on their appointments. ARI can also be equipped with a thermal camera to detect visitor temperatures. In terms of offering personal support to patients, the robot reminds users to take medication, sends alerts to caregivers on patient health and offers games and physical exercise activities. 

Social robot at museums

Social robots such as ARI offer a multitude of interactions to the public at museums, such as the opportunity for visitors to test interactions with the robot and learn more about the development of AI, or have the chance to view videos or access lessons and articles through the robot’s touchscreen.  

Avatar for remote participation in conferences

To allow your clients to participate virtually in conferences and events you host, the social robot ARI also functions as an avatar, meaning the robot is teleoperated and your clients see the event through the robot’s eyes, being able to move around the event virtually through ARI.This lets you clients seamlessly move around and engage at the event in real time.

With our ARI social robot we have created a platform that gives you enough processing power to embody your AI developments. AI nowadays is very important for customer service, as it provides an additional tool to transform interactions – the robot easily allows collection of data and answers customer questions and queries in a timely manner. The LCD eyes and ears, touchscreen, voice, gestures, and general appearance can also be easily customised by you. Getting started with ARI is as easy as setting up your new smartphone and we offer guides and videos to help. 

If you are interested in ARI, take a look at the following links:

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