REEM : Full-size humanoid service robot

REEM is a full-size humanoid service robot that will make your events and conferences different. She can be a receptionist, entertain and compliment your guests, provide dynamic information and even make presentations and speeches in many languages.

  • 1.70 m, 100 kg
  • 8h battery life
  • Available Worldwide
  • Fully Customizable
  • Robust
  • Interactive
  • Navigates Autonomously
  • Real Environments

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1.70 m, 100 kg

REEM is as tall as a person and has a smart design. She can carry as much as 30 kg on her back platform and 1 kg in each hand.

8h battery life

With one of the longest battery life in a humanoid robot of this size, your activities will not be interrupted to recharge. Do you need more autonomy? Request a spare battery. You don't have to switch the robot off to replace one of the batteries: Hot-swap enabled

Available Worldwide

Buy or rent a unit from anywhere in the world and send it wherever you want. REEM has been in malls, airports, museums and fairs in Europe, America and Asia. REEM understands English and Russian, and can speak 9 languages out of the box and almost any other under request!.

Fully Customizable

Experts in usability and human-robot interaction will assist you to leverage the power of REEM. We can create contents for the touch screen, prepare movements or even speeches to fit REEM perfectly in your setting.


Smartly designed, carefully crafted. REEM travels around the world and meets many people, including children. She never gets a scratch. She's built with long-lasting materials and is checked periodically to keep all parts in perfect conditions.


REEM talks to your customers in their language, makes jokes and compliments them, shakes hands, helps people to find a place, and offers unique interactive applications in her torso. She can see you and track your face, recognise you later, or even take a picture and upload it to Twitter.

Navigates Autonomously

You can teleoperate the robot with an Android tablet, but you don't need it. REEM can make a map and navigate autonomously to the provided destination. She will avoid obstacles and find the shortest path. Help your guests to find their room in a hotel, or a gate at the airport, or a shop in a mall.

Real Environments

There is no need to adapt your environment. REEM can move around in crowded environments, specially indoors.

REEM in action

Application Examples


  • Welcome guests
  • Guide people
  • Notify coworkers


  • Attract visitors
  • Entertain
  • Offer rich contents


  • Show maps
  • Guide travellers
  • Carry bags


  • Innovate in interaction
  • Guide and explain
  • Make speeches


  • Carry materials
  • Research on therapy
  • Advise patients


  • Surveillance
  • Detect strangers
  • Minimize hazardous situations


REEM has been already successful in:

  • Events, marketing and fairs
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Robotic competitions
  • Research and universities

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Technical Specifications

Weight100 kg
Height1.70 m
Width0.6 m
Depth0.75 m
Degrees of freedom (x34)x7 2x arms
x7 x2 hands
x2 torso
x2 head (neck)
x2 mobile base
7-DoF Arm (x2) 
Wrist3 DoF
Elbow1 DoF
Shoulder3 DoF
Payload1 kg
7-DoF Hand (x2)(3 actuated)
2-DoF Mobile Base 
Payload30 kg
Max Speed4 km/h
Sensors (x26) 
Sonars (x16)x12 in mobile base, x3 in torso, x1 in head
Range: 0.03 m ‐ 3 m
Resolution: 0.01m
Lasers (x2)x1 horizontal: 50 m, 0.25º, 25 Hz
x1 Inclined: 5.6 m, 0.36º, 10 Hz
Infrared (x3)x3 (mobile base, front)
Range: 0.2 m — 1.5 m
Resolution: 0.3 m
Inclinometer (x1)2 axis sensor, ±90º, accuracy 0.5º
Bumpers (x4)7 areas around mobile base
Motors (x26)x2 wheel, x7 x2 arm, x3 x2 hand, x2 torso, x2 head
Computers (x2)1 Control computer
1 Media computer
CPUControl: Intel® Core i7
Media: Intel® Atom
Storage60 GB SSD
Wirelessx1 Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n
x1 2.4GHz b/g
Ethernet1000 Base T
Speaker (x2)Front and back
5 W rated power
MicrophoneDual-microphone array, MEMs
100 Hz ‐ 15 kHz flat response
Front Stereo Camera (x2)Sensor Type: CCD progressive 1/2"
Max frame rate 84 fps
Resolution: 656x492 px
Optics: 4.5 mm mount C lens
Back Camera (x1)Sensor Type: CMOS global shutter 1/3"
Max frame rate 90 fps
Resolution: 752x480 px
Optics 2.5 mm mount M12 lens
Screen (x1)12.1" Projected Capacititve Touch Screen
Contrast 500:1
1024x768 px
Ear LEDs (x2)8 RGB
Battery (x2)Hot-swap
Autonomy8h (average)
Charging time6h (Robot turned off)
Nominal Energy1225 Wh
SoftwareUbuntu Linux 12.04 LTS
ROS Hydro
ApplicationsWeb diagnostics
Joystick/Android tablet teleoperation
Touchscreen Apps HTML5 or Adobe Flash
GUI tools to create movements and speeches