Machine learning

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The three robots TIAGo, TALOS, and ARI during the study for AI in service robotics
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AI in service robotics: imitation learning, multi-agent learning & chatbots

Service Robotics between AI and imitation learning The use of robots in non-industrial environments is set to continue increasing more…
ROM-MAN 2021 Virtual Conference about Robot and Human Interactive Communication
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RO-MAN 2021: Robot and Human Interactive Communication including Roboethics

RO-MAN 2021: HRI, Social Robotics, and Roboethics RO-MAN 2021 (IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication) is coming…
Social robot ARI with an elderly woman during project SHAPES
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Start of pilots for home robot ARI in EU project SHAPES

ARI Home Robot for Project SHAPES The use of technology to help achieve excellence in science and industry, as well…
The robotic research platform SOLO 12
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Open Dynamic Robot Initiative: PAL Robotics offering advanced quadruped platform “SOLO 12”

The Advanced Platform Solo12 and Project Open DR PAL Robotics in collaboration with the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative, is making the…
The social robots TIAGo and ARI as part of the work on AI applications in service robotics
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AI in service robotics: embodiment, machine learning and deep learning

Embodiment of AI in a robot The use of robots in non-industrial environments, such as healthcare, logistics, business and social…
TIAGo robot's demonstration for SIMBIOTS project which focuses on industry 4.0
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SIMBIOTS project for industry 4.0 enables robots to work better with humans

Analysing collaborative robotics: interactions between robots and workers Collaborative project SIMBIOTS that PAL Robotics is a project partner in has…
Get started with TIAGo Robot webinar
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“Get started with TIAGo” in our free webinar

Who is the TIAGo webinar for? Our webinar “Get started with TIAGo” on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 12pm (CET),…
PAL Robotics' guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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Your Guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): all you need to know A number of developments in transportation of goods in industry have…