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TIAGo robot with new end-effectors robotic grippers
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TIAGo mobile manipulator ready to do more with new end effectors

The interchangeable grippers for TIAGo robot Being able to perform different types of robotics manipulation tasks requires different robotic end…
Homer Team at RoboCup with TIAGo robot
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Homer Team awarded 1st place in RoboCup@Home robotics competition working with robot TIAGo

The importance of competitions for students and taking part in virtual challenges Congratulations to the Homer Team from the University…
PAL Robotics' webinar on How to advance robotics through EU Projects
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“How to advance robotics through EU projects” join our free webinar

Progress and knowledge with PAL Robotics’ webinar Strong partnerships are essential to advancements in robotics, in order to use technology…
Mobile Manipulation Hackathon (MMH) at IROS 2021 with TIAGo robot
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Robotics Competition: Demonstrate your skills at the Mobile Manipulation Hackathon at IROS 2021

About IROS (IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) At PAL Robotics we strongly believe in robotics competitions, and…
TIAGo Base in MapCable industrial warehouse
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TIAGo Base empowers workers at Catalan electrical organisation and special work centre MAPCABLE

Exploring new technologies to extend workers’ capabilities TIAGo Base made a welcome addition to the team at Catalan electrical wiring…
The robots TIAGo and ARI during Project PERSEO to train young researchers
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Training young researchers on personal robots through EU project PERSEO

The European Project PERSEO to training new generations of researchers European Union project PERSEO (PErsonalized Robotics as SErvice Oriented applications),…
Get started with TIAGo Robot webinar
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“Get started with TIAGo” in our free webinar

Who is the TIAGo webinar for? Our webinar “Get started with TIAGo” on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 12pm (CET),…
The mobile manipulator TIAGo is a platform designed for robotic perception research
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Versatility of TIAGo as a research platform: for perception

The versatility of the mobile manipular robot TIAGo Whether your research platform needs include manipulation, navigation or perception, our versatile…