Project overview

ULTRADRON is an ambitious project aimed at enhancing air transport logistics units by significantly reducing their carbon footprint. It focuses on fostering research in alternative propulsion systems and integrating these systems into drones powered by fossil fuels. Additionally, ULTRADRON aims to develop intelligent systems capable of automating the entire logistic cycle, marking a significant leap in sustainable air transport technologies.

2.421 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the ULTRADRON project, PAL Robotics leads the development of robotic systems for automating the loading and unloading of drones. This involves using the TIAGo Base Family robots, known for their reliability and adaptability, to enhance operational efficiency in logistics. This integration significantly boosts the capabilities of drones in handling and transport within the logistics sector.

Key responsibilities

  • Leading the development of a robotic loading and unloading system for drones.
  • Leveraging our expertise in robotics to enhance drone logistics operations.
  • Using the TIAGo Base Family robots as platforms for development.
  • Integrating sophisticated handling and transportation solutions into air transport logistics.