Project overview

SHAPES aimed to create an open European ecosystem for digital solutions supporting healthy and independent living for older individuals. By integrating smart solutions into an interoperable platform, SHAPES collected and analyzed health, environmental, and lifestyle data to personalize solutions while ensuring data protection. The project enhanced healthcare provision across Europe, improving quality of life through standardization, interoperability, and scalability.

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project funding
partners involved
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Our Role

Within SHAPES, PAL Robotics adapted the social robot ARI to support mobility and rehabilitation exercises, social engagement, and task assistance for older individuals. ARI incorporated digital solutions from other partners to fulfill these tasks effectively.

Key responsibilities

  • Adapting the social robot ARI to assist with mobility, rehabilitation exercises, social activities, and tasks for older individuals.
  • Integrating digital solutions from SHAPES partners into ARI for seamless task performance.
  • Enhancing ARI’s capabilities to improve mobility and independence.
  • Implementing features in ARI for rehabilitation exercises.
  • Developing functionalities in ARI to engage in social activities.
  • Enabling ARI to support daily living tasks.