Project overview

The SeCoIIA project advances digital transformation in manufacturing, focusing on flexibility, connectivity, and automation. It supports aeronautics, automotive, and naval sectors using Industrial IoT, Cloud manufacturing, collaborative robotics, and AI. By using intelligent digital twin technology, SeCoIIA enhances monitoring, optimization, and control, fostering innovation across the value chain.

6 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the SeCoIIA project, PAL Robotics deployed and validated three TIAGO robots at AIRBUS to assist with drilling and riveting tasks. We also developed an algorithm for early warning on human-machine deviations, enabling collaborative control and shared autonomy.

Key responsibilities

  • Deploying and validating three TIAGO robots at AIRBUS to support drilling and riveting tasks.
  • Creating an early warning algorithm for human-machine deviations on the shop floor.
  • Implementing strategies for seamless human-robot interaction, optimizing safety and efficiency.
  • Developing strategies for smooth collaboration and task completion between humans and robots.
  • Conducting rigorous testing to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of robots and algorithms.