Project overview

SANDRo2 (Semi Autonomous Night and Day Robot 2) aimed to revolutionize care services for older people and individuals with physical limitations. This innovative robotic system was designed to operate semi-autonomously, providing essential social and assistive services to facilitate Activities of Daily Living (ADL). SANDRo2 was tasked with patrolling care facility corridors and serving as a first responder to client calls, greatly enhancing the response capabilities within these settings.

1.3 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the SANDRo2 project, our main focus was on the development and validation of this semi-autonomous, social robot. Utilizing PAL Robotics’ TIAGo robot as a foundation, we enhanced its capabilities to adapt to the varying conditions of care environments.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing and deploying SANDRo2 to autonomously patrol care facility corridors, acting as a rapid first responder.
  • Supporting care workers by assisting with ADL tasks, enhancing client monitoring, communication, and facilitating screen-based care.
  • Utilizing a novel robotic platform adapted for environmental variation to ensure reliable and efficient service delivery.
  • Ensuring the robot’s seamless integration with existing care protocols and technology systems for optimal functionality.