Project overview

SAFE-LY focuses on enhancing patient safety in healthcare settings through assistive robotics. The project employs PAL Robotics’ TIAGo to proactively manage hazardous situations like fall detection and misplaced elements in care environments, significantly reducing response times. This initiative integrates seamlessly with hospital and care home routines, providing crucial support in accelerating the recovery process for elderly patients.

200 K
project funding
partners involved
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Our Role

In the SAFE-LY project, we enhance the functionalities of their mobile manipulator TIAGo, specifically for healthcare environments. TIAGo is deployed to monitor and react to safety concerns, such as detecting falls or misplaced objects in care settings. This project highlights PAL Robotics’ commitment to integrating robotics into healthcare to improve safety and support staff, optimizing care for elderly patients.

Key responsibilities

  • Using the TIAGo mobile manipulator for the SAFELY project to enhance patient safety by identifying and reducing hazardous situations in healthcare settings.
  • Focusing on enhancing the capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for healthcare applications.
  • Developing the TIAGo robot to autonomously navigate and perform surveillance tasks within care facilities.
  • Ensuring TIAGo could dynamically adapt to changes in the environment for safe and efficient operation.