Project overview

ROSALYA is a collaboration aimed at enhancing the agri-food industry by developing autonomous robots with precise localization and interaction capabilities. The project focuses on using robotic technology to automate tasks, improve traceability, and enhance the quality of processes in agriculture and food manufacturing, increasing productivity and control within these sectors.

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Our Role

PAL Robotics contributes to ROSALYA by deploying the TIAGo OMNI Base and TIAGo Pro robots. These robots are equipped with advanced navigation and manipulation capabilities, suited for the dynamic and complex environments of the agri-food industry. Their role is crucial in testing and demonstrating the effectiveness of robotic solutions in improving operational efficiency and safety in agriculture and food processing.

Key responsibilities

  • Providing robotics expertise and solutions for the agri-food sector.
  • Using TIAGo OMNI Base for versatile navigation in complex environments.
  • Deploying TIAGo Pro for tasks requiring detailed manipulation and interaction.
  • Advanced efficiency, safety, and productivity in agri-food processes through innovative robotic solutions.