Project overview

The PRO-CARED project focuses on revolutionizing education and learning by harnessing the potential of personal robots to create unique, personally tailored educational experiences. By leveraging robots' perceptual capabilities, the project aims to develop new enabling technology for human-robot interaction (HRI) and personalization in educational contexts.

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Our Role

PAL Robotics will deploy the PRO-CARED technology in our ARI and TIAGo robots. These robots will serve as the platform for implementing the personalized interaction mechanisms designed to enhance the educational experience for children.

Key responsibilities

  • Deploying the PRO-CARED technology in PAL Robotics’ ARI and TIAGo robots.
  • Collaborating in designing and developing mechanisms for personalized interaction in educational contexts.
  • Aiming to revolutionize education and learning by leveraging robots as powerful tools for providing adaptive and personalized assistance to children.