Project overview

The NHOA project focuses on developing socially intelligent assistive robots for homes to support older adults living alone. The project aims to design robots that monitor, assist, and entertain users while encouraging physical and cognitive activities. It seeks to enhance well-being and comfort by integrating robust and adaptable robots that foster user acceptance and can operate autonomously in daily situations.

1.47 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

PAL Robotics contributes to the NHOA project by deploying TIAGo, a socially intelligent robot designed to address the challenges of assisting older adults at home. TIAGo’s role includes monitoring environments, ensuring safety, and providing entertainment, showcasing the robot’s versatility and effectiveness in enhancing the quality of life for the elderly through innovative, adaptive, and user-friendly robotic solutions.

Key responsibilities

  • Providing the TIAGo robot platform for the NHoA project.
  • Collaborating in the co-design process to develop a socially intelligent assistive robot for home environments.
  • Aiming to create a robust and adaptable robot that fosters user acceptance and meets the needs of older adults for improved well-being and comfort in their homes.
  • Contributing to the development of SAR technology to address the challenges of aging populations and increasing demand for care.