Project overview

NeuTouch aims to enhance tactile perception in robots and prostheses, improving manipulation skills and enabling natural interactions. By leveraging tactile information, the project advances service and industrial robots and develops better prosthetic devices. Enhanced tactile perception boosts independence, quality of life, and workplace reintegration for prosthesis users.

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Our Role

Within NeuTouch, PAL Robotics contributed to advancing artificial tactile perception in robots, particularly focusing on improving dexterous manipulation skills and facilitating natural interaction with objects and humans. This involved integrating tactile sensors and developing algorithms to extract and utilize tactile information effectively.

Key responsibilities

  • Integrating tactile sensors to acquire information during manipulation tasks.
  • Developing algorithms to process tactile data and extract relevant information.
  • Enhancing robotic dexterity using tactile feedback for better grip and manipulation.
  • Facilitating natural human-robot interaction by sensing and responding to touch cues.
  • Adapting tactile technologies for prosthetic devices to improve functionality and user experience.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of tactile technologies into robotic systems and prosthetics.