Project overview

MUSAE aims to establish a Human-Centred Factory Model, utilizing the Design Future Art-driven (DFA) method, and integrate it into a European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) network. The goal is to support companies in guiding strategic digital technology innovation, specifically in the food domain, to improve people and planet well-being.

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project funding
partners involved
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Our Role

PAL Robotics will provide consultancy and support for art-tech residencies within the MUSAE project. We will leverage our expertise in robotics to contribute to the envisioning of future scenarios for technology application and the design of prototypes in collaboration with artists and tech companies.

Key responsibilities

  • Providing consultancy and support for art-tech residencies.
  • Collaborating with artists and tech companies to envision future scenarios for technology application.
  • Contributing robotics expertise to the design and development of prototypes.
  • Aiming to increase trust in and acceptance of digital technologies in society through art-driven design and development.