Project overview

The MANOLO project enhances AI systems' efficiency and optimization across various environments. It focuses on developing trustworthy AI tools and algorithms for centralized and distributed settings. Key areas include model compression, meta-learning, and neuromorphic models. The project aims to create dynamic, data-efficient algorithms for AI tasks, ensuring compliance with policy standards.

8.6 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the project, we play an important role in integrating our TIAGo robots into MANOLO’s initiatives within the Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors.TIAGo’s involvement demonstrates the practical application of dynamic AI algorithms developed within MANOLO, showcasing robot’s adaptability and compliance in real-world settings. This contributes significantly to advancing AI integration in robotics for diverse operational environments.

Key responsibilities

  • Integrating TIAGo robots into manufacturing and healthcare settings.
  • Collaborating closely with MANOLO on algorithm development.
  • Providing domain-specific insights for optimizing AI deployment.
  • Assisting in task allocation for improved data and energy efficiency.