Project overview

IROPER develops personal assistant robots for daily living environments, focusing on the elderly, disabled, and those in rehabilitation. The project enhances robots' ability to perform various tasks, providing physical, cognitive, and rehabilitative support across home and healthcare settings. It aims to cover diverse needs using unified technologies and procedures.

1.99 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the IROPER project, PAL Robotics uses TIAGo to implement use cases across healthcare centers and homes. This robot assists in physical tasks, mental stimulation, and social interaction, embodying the project’s integration of assistive technology. TIAGo’s deployment showcases the robot’s capability to adapt to the users’ needs, enhancing the human-robot interaction experience in sensitive environments.

Key responsibilities

  • Providing the TIAGo robot platform for the project’s implementation of use cases.
  • Collaborating in developing and demonstrating the capabilities of personal assistant robots in various scenarios, including physical assistance, cognitive assistance, and rehabilitation.
  • Aiming to address the diverse needs of individuals, including older people, those with disabilities, and individuals in rehabilitation, through innovative robotic assistive technologies.