Project overview

The EVOLVED-5G project aims to propel the fourth industrial revolution, leveraging the transformative potential of 5G technology in advancing Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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project funding
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Our Role

Within the project, PAL Robotics was tasked with developing Network Applications (NetApps) to support agile production in future factories. Our focus lay in utilizing robotics and AI technologies, particularly with our AI-driven humanoid robot, TIAGo.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing and implemented Network Applications (NetApps) to facilitate agile production processes.
  • Leveraging robotics and AI technologies, specifically employing our AI-driven humanoid robot, TIAGo.
  • Testing, validating, and certifying NetApps within an experimentation platform.
  • Contributing to the integration of 5G capabilities into factory processes, fostering Innovation, Efficiency, Agility, and Security.