Project overview

To reinforce European leadership in safe and secure AI technology, the project proposes establishing a virtual center of excellence on safe and secure AI. This initiative aims to address major challenges hindering the deployment of AI technology by developing a strategic research agenda supported by research programs focusing on technical robustness and safety, privacy-preserving techniques and infrastructures, and human agency and oversight.

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project funding
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Our Role

In the ELSA project, PAL Robotics uses the TIAGo robot to test AI technologies in real settings, ensuring they are safe and secure. TIAGo helps show how robots can work safely with humans, supporting tasks like understanding and managing information securely. This helps make sure that AI systems are reliable and trustworthy for use in various fields.

Key responsibilities

  • Contributing expertise and resources to the robotics use case.
  • Using the TIAGo robot for experimentation and validation.
  • Integrating robust technical approaches with legal and ethical principles.
  • Supporting the development of AI technology that prioritizes safety and security in alignment with European values.