CyberFactory #1

Project overview

CyberFactory#1 aims to enhance optimization and resilience in future factories by developing key capabilities. It addresses the needs of industries like Transportation, Automotive, Electronics, and Machine manufacturing with use cases such as statistical process control, real-time asset tracking, distributed manufacturing, and collaborative robotics. The project also proposes preventive and reactive measures for security and safety, tackling cyber-physical threats, data theft, and adversarial machine learning.

CyberFactory #1

Our Role

PAL Robotics was actively involved in the CyberFactory#1 project, contributing expertise in collaborative robotics and distributed manufacturing to address the specific needs of FoF pilots.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing collaborative robotics solutions for FoF pilots to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Integrating robotic solutions with existing manufacturing systems for seamless operation.
  • Implementing collaborative robotics for specific FoF pilot use cases like assembly line optimization and human-robot collaboration.
  • Addressing security and safety concerns, including mitigating cyber-physical threats and ensuring safe human-robot interaction.
  • Demonstrating and validating collaborative robotics solutions in real-world FoF pilot environments.