Project overview

The CAPSUL-IA project aims to universalize the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industry by simplifying AI adoption through pre-configured AI solutions. It addresses challenges such as selecting appropriate AI models, managing complex data, and determining affordable computing platforms. CAPSUL-IA proposes AI capsules – containers of AI models tailored to various problems, balancing cost, accuracy, inference speed, and robustness.

3.71 M
project funding
partners involved
countries involved

Our Role

In the CAPSUL-IA project, PAL Robotics advances the functionalities of their robot, TIAGo, making it more versatile and safer for industrial and healthcare environments. This effort aims to enhance TIAGo’s collaborative capabilities, ensuring the robot can work efficiently alongside humans in complex settings, thus supporting the deployment of AI-driven robotic solutions that are both dynamic and reliable.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing mobile manipulators for healthcare and industrial settings.
  • Enhancing the TIAGo robot to be more collaborative and safer.
  • Contributing to lowering the threshold for AI adoption in industry.
  • Working on integrating AI capsules into our robotic solutions for various applications.