Project overview

The AMDORR project aims to enable bidirectional communication between mobile robots, such as Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), and elevators from different manufacturers using standard communication protocols. This technology facilitates autonomous navigation of mobile robots between different floors of a building via elevators, automating tasks like material transportation and medication delivery in hospitals.

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Our Role

PAL Robotics plays a significant role in various phases of the AMDORR project, particularly in integration, validation, and testing. Our responsibilities include developing software functionalities for the robot, integrating components, disseminating project results, and contributing to project management, analysis, CPU design, and IoT device design.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing software functionalities for mobile robots.
  • Integrating various components for bidirectional communication with elevators.
  • Validating and testing the functionality of the system.
  • Contributing to project management, analysis, and design aspects.
  • Aiming to redefine the capabilities of mobile robots in complex environments, particularly in healthcare settings, to enhance efficiency and safety.