Project description

ULTRADRON is an ambitious project aimed at enhancing the air transport logistics units by significantly reducing their carbon footprint. The project’s primary goal is to foster research in alternative propulsion systems and integrate these systems into drones currently powered by fossil fuels. Additionally, ULTRADRON focuses on developing intelligent systems capable of automating the entire logistic cycle, marking a significant leap in sustainable air transport technologies.

PAL Robotics plays a crucial role in ULTRADRON, particularly in Phase 4, where we lead the development of a robotic loading and unloading system for drones. Our expertise in robotics will help to create an efficient and automated system that enhances the operational capabilities of drones in logistics, ensuring integration with the Portable Logistic Vertiport.

A key aspect of our contribution involves working with the TIAGo Base Family as platforms for this development. The TIAGo Base Family robots are known for their versatility, reliability, and adaptability in various environments. Their integration into the ULTRADRON project will enable more sophisticated and efficient handling and transportation solutions within the air transport logistics sector.

ULTRADRON is set to make a significant impact in the field of air transport logistics by providing sustainable, efficient, and automated solutions. The project aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promotes the advancement of green technologies in logistics. Through ULTRADRON, PAL Robotics displays commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in advanced robotics and drone technology.

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Call: PEICTI 2021-2023

Robot used in the project: