Project description

The ROSALYA project, conducted in collaboration with Leitat as part of the PERTE Agroalimentario, addresses the increasing demand for precise localisation systems, remote processing, and detection/interaction capabilities in autonomous robotic systems within the agri-food industry. The primary objective of the ROSALYA project is to explore technologies that enhance productivity, flexibility, and control in the manufacturing and internal logistics processes of the agro-food industry. This goal will be accomplished through the use of a fleet of intelligent collaborative mobile robots equipped with mobile robotic arms. The initiative aims to automate complex tasks, improve traceability, and enhance overall process quality.
Robots used:

  • TIAGo OMNI Base: This robot, known for its versatility and adaptability, will be used in the project. The omnidirectional base allows for smooth navigation in complex environments, making the robot ideal for the dynamic needs of the agri-food industry.
  • TIAGo Pro: This advanced version of the TIAGo robot brings enhanced capabilities with a high payload capacity and extended reach. TIAGo Pro’s precision and adaptability make the robot suitable for tasks requiring detailed manipulation and interaction.

Through the ROSALYA project, PAL Robotics and Leitat aim to significantly advance the integration of robotics in the agri-food sector, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. This initiative represents a step forward in addressing the challenges of modern agriculture and food processing through innovative robotic solutions.

  • Status: Ongoing

Robot used in the project: