Project description

The AMDORR project is an initiative focused on enabling bidirectional communication between mobile robots (such as Autonomous Vehicles, AVs) and elevators from various manufacturers with standard communication protocols. This technology will allow mobile robots to autonomously navigate between different floors of a building using elevators, automating tasks like transporting materials, including the delivery of medications in hospitals.

PAL Robotics is involved in several phases of the AMDORR project, particularly in integration, validation, and testing. Our primary responsibilities include focusing on the development of software functionalities for the robot, the integration of various components, and the dissemination of project results, as well as contributing to the project’s management, analysis, CPU design, and IoT device design.

Through the AMDORR project, PAL Robotics aims to redefine the capabilities of mobile robots in complex environments, enhancing efficiency and safety in various applications, especially in healthcare settings.

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Call: AEI 2023-2024

  • Topics: Autonomous robots, reduction of costs

Robot used in the project: