TIAGo Base: An autonomous mobile robot built for you

The autonomous mobile robot TIAGo Base takes care of diligently handling
deliveries right where you need them.

  • Efficient deliveries to ensure material flow is constant
  • Rapid return of investment in less than one year
  • Workers can focus on high-value tasks
  • Deployment is extremely easy and doesn’t modify your space
  • You can change TIAGo Base’s task on the go
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TIAGo Base Customizations

TIAGo Base Configurations

Key points

Safety goes First

Protecting workers, your equipment, and also the carried load is the priority while TIAGo Base transports goods. The robot’s smart navigation relies on a unique combination of lasers and 3D cameras to avoid any unexpected obstacle. Its compact footprint enables TIAGo Base to easily move around, even in narrow spaces.

TIAGo Base in action


Technical Information

Download TIAGo Base’s Datasheet and get more information about what it can do for you

Automate logistics with TIAGo Base
Download TIAGo Base Datasheet