RFID Robots: Opening the door to your real store

In this paper, we discuss RFID technology and its use in retail, including RFID robotics. We explain how RFID works in practice, through a specific RFID retail use case, at a global sports retailer. The following is a summary of the contents of this Whitepaper:
  • RFID robots vs handheld readers: a comparison between RFID and handheld readers, and store and inventory challenges

  • How RFID robots work: including RFID tags, RFID readers and antennas.

  • An RFID use case: at Decathlon including the customer needs, our solutions, and the customer benefits

  • RFID Navigation: including finding inventory paths, and navigating around the store and around obstacles

  • The future of RFID: including predictions and forecast statistics

  • Introducing RFID robots in your store: how to get started setting up RFID robotics in your store