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Robotics expert Georgia Chalvatzaki with TIAGo robot
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Georgia Chalvatzaki interview part 1: starting in robotics, TIAGo robot, home robots and more

Interviewing Georgia Chalvatzaki Rising star in robotics, Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki is an independent research group leader of the iROSA group…
Social robot ARI with an elderly woman during project SHAPES
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Start of pilots for home robot ARI in EU project SHAPES

ARI Home Robot for Project SHAPES The use of technology to help achieve excellence in science and industry, as well…
The robotic research platform SOLO 12
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Open Dynamic Robot Initiative: PAL Robotics offering advanced quadruped platform “SOLO 12”

The Advanced Platform Solo12 and Project Open DR PAL Robotics in collaboration with the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative, is making the…
PAL Robotics' webinar on How to advance robotics through EU Projects
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“How to advance robotics through EU projects” join our free webinar

Progress and knowledge with PAL Robotics’ webinar Strong partnerships are essential to advancements in robotics, in order to use technology…
The upper part of the RFID guide stock taking robot StockBot
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How to get started using StockBot to improve inventory tracking and money mapping in retail

Stockbot, the autonomous mobile robot for your stock tracking Seamless data capture and inventory tracking in today’s retail sector is…
Webinar on how to get started with the social robot ARI
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“Get started with ARI” in our free webinar

Who is the ARI webinar for? Social Robot ARI is our newest humanoid social robot which was created in 2019.…
PAL Robotics' guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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Your Guide to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): all you need to know A number of developments in transportation of goods in industry have…
The mobile manipulator robot TIAGo cleaning a toilet
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World Robot Summit with TIAGo robot: from cleaning toilets to interacting with customers

World Robot Summit – Toilet Cleaning Task TIAGo robot keeps increasing its multitasking skills more and more! This time, Team…