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TIAGo robot at PAL Robotics stand at ROSCon 2017
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ROSCon & IROS: Thank you, Vancouver!

PAL Robotics’ software developments and TALOS Space Robotics Challenge This year ROSCon 2017 consolidated more than ever as the landmark…
The humanoid research platform TALOS
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Humanoid robots, imitation learning and torque control

Discover TALOS with Aleš Ude This week, we interview Head of the Department of Automatics, Biocybernetics and Robotics at the…
The mobile manipulator robot TIAGo takes the world's first robot's selfie
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ICRA 2017: reflections on the world’s largest robotics event

A PAL Robotics presentation The PAL Robotics team have just returned from yet another fantastically organised ICRA – the IEEE’s…
A robot working in a NASA space exploring mission
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Five minutes with NASA Space Robotics Challenge finalists, Team Olympus Mons

PAL Robotics and the NASA In a galaxy far, far away (PAL Robotics’ office), a team of engineers have been…
The biped research platform TALOS with a raised hand
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The humanoid robot TALOS has been officially presented at LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France)

The humanoid robot TALOS debuts This Thursday TALOS robot made the first steps towards the future! The high-performance humanoid robot…
The humanoid robot TALOS is presented as the next step in humanoid robotics
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TALOS: the next step in humanoid robots from PAL Robotics

Meet TALOS – The new humanoid collaborative robot PAL Robotics is launching a new humanoid robot: TALOS, a collaborative robot…