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TIAGo robot at ICRA 2020
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ICRA 2020 has a new format offering workshops, awards, members events and more

The new ICRA 2020 A highlight in the events calendar for the robotics community, including PAL Robotics, each year is…
PAL Robotics' team with the biped robot REEM-C at the European Robotics Forum 2019
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ERF2019: Humanoids state-of-the-art, Autonomous Mobile Robots, and TIAGo robot teleoperated

The rise of autonomous mobile robots for logistics at ERF2019 The European Robotics Forum (ERF2019), one of the most influential…
Banner of the European Robotics Forum 2019 with REEM-C, TIAGo, and TIAGo Base
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ERF2019: Roboticists in Europe, to come together in Bucharest!

Driving the transformation of industry and logistics with robots Meet us at the European Robotics Forum (ERF2019)! Bucharest, the capital…
The social robot REEM-C at the WMC interacting with the crowd
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MWC 4YFN: Robotics, AI and Connectivity, the perfect mix

Robots to help us: from autonomous bases to humanoids The future of mobile and connectivity landed in Barcelona this week…
The humanoid research robot TALOS on the IEEE's Robots Guide
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TALOS: The Robot of the Week at the IEEE Robots Guide!

TALOS in the IEEE Robots Guide PAL Robotics’ humanoid TALOS is the “Robot of the Week” at the IEEE Robots…
The humanoid robot REEM-C with two hands
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The state of art of biped robots, at Humanoids 2018

Humanoid Robots for Real Applications Use Tomorrow, the Humanoids 2018 Conference starts in Beijing (China), the major conference specialized in…
TIAGo, TALOS, and REEM-C at the Madrid IROS 2018 Conference
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Warming up for IROS 2018: A forecast of what you will experience in Madrid

The emotion of competitions, at IROS 2018 IROS 2018 is coming to Spain! The worldwide specialists of robotics are off…
The humanoid robot TALOS launching a discus as a discobolus
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IEEE Humanoids 2017, the future of humanoid robots at Birmingham

Where to find us at Humanoids 2017 This November is an exciting month for us and for our robots! It…