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A thank you banner for PAL Robotics' sponsoring the ERF and an image of ARI
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ERF 2021: European Robotics’ Key Annual Event And Our Highlights

Official event opening We were delighted to add to the conversation on European robotics at the ERF 2021 virtual event,…
ARI featured on PAL Robotics participation at ERF 2021
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ERF 2021: humanoids, robots for agri-food, adapting to pandemic situations and more, e-meet us there!

The PAL Robotics team will host these workshops at the ERF 2021 This year’s ERF (European Robotics Forum) virtual event…
TALOS, the humanoid robot
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Humanoid robot navigating autonomously over rough terrain; spotlight on TALOS

Humanoid robots and autonomous navigation In popular culture and media, humanoid biped robots are often portrayed as walking and behaving…
Robotics Innovation through EU Research Projects
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Innovation through EU research projects

Robotics Development through EU Collaborative Project European Union (EU) research projects (previously part of the Horizon 2020 programme and now…
ROSin Play Motion Builder
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Successful launch of ROS Play Motion Builder tool for easy creation of robot motions

ROS Motion Builder project PAL Robotics has created ROS Play Motion Builder to make it easy to create motions in…
The humanoid biped robot TALOS arrives at the University of Edinburgh
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TALOS joins the robotics family at the University of Edinburgh

The SLMC research working with fixed base, wheeled and legged robots TALOS, our biped humanoid research robot, has been introduced…
Biped robot TALOS holding a drill and a wrench with its gripper hands
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Developing Memory of Motion in robots with arms and legs in project Memmo

PAL Robotics’ role in the project Imagine if legged robots could move in the same agile way as humans and…
Banner of ICRA 2020 with the mobile manipulator robot TIAGo and the research platform TALOS for the live demos
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ICRA 2020 and live demos of TALOS and TIAGo robots

What are RobMoSys and Memmo? It started on 31 May and runs right up until 31 August: ICRA 2020 is…