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ARI ROS simulator wiki
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ARI wiki ROS simulator: how to get started

Starting with the ARI ROS simulator Did you know that it’s possible to practice programming with wiki ROS without having…
Getting started with ARI: introduction and unboxing
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Using ARI: Unboxing and getting started

Introducing our humanoid social robot ARI ARI, the social robot, arrives carefully packed up with everything you need to get…
Close-up of TIAGo robot for ROS Developers Day 2020
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New ROS tutorials to simulate with TIAGo easily!

Discover how to use TIAGo robot with a simulator Would you like to try to command a robot? Do you…
Screenshot from The Construct for robotics research
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Empowering your robotics research with TIAGo and The Construct

Strengthen your research with TIAGo The purpose of PAL Robotics’ mobile manipulator TIAGo (standing for ‘Take It And Go’) is…