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ARI ROS simulator wiki
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ARI wiki ROS simulator: how to get started

Starting with the ARI ROS simulator Did you know that it’s possible to practice programming with wiki ROS without having…
Getting started with ARI: introduction and unboxing
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Using ARI: Unboxing and getting started

Introducing our humanoid social robot ARI ARI, the social robot, arrives carefully packed up with everything you need to get…
During Project SANDRO, TIAGo robot helps an elderly woman
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How we are supporting healthy living for older individuals with project SHAPES

Project pilots across Europe with over 2000 users We are proud to be contributing to the recently launched EU project…
ARI working as a nurse helping a woman patient in bed in a hospital
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COVID-19 and our robots: ready to help fight coronavirus in hospitals

Robots can help humans with high-risk jobs To fight the spread of COVID-19, a scale of pandemic the world hasn’t…
The humanoid social robot ARI during the European Project SPRING
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EU project SPRING: thanks to this project we are developing robotics that could help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Improving interactions for social robots in public spaces PAL Robotics is collaborating as a partner in the EU project, SPRING,…
PAL Robotics team at Málaga 2020
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ERF2020 in Malaga: the European robotics community comes together to share their expertise and discuss the future of robotics

PAL Robotics’ EU project partnerships After recently returning from Malaga with REEM-C,TIAGo and ARI, we are happy to report that…
The social humanoid robot available
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Introducing: ARI ROS Simulator

Eager to program with our latest Social Robot, ARI? ARI robot’s simulation is open source and is available online with…
Our social humanoid robot ARI introduced
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Meet ARI: Social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in One Single Platform

Social robotics, artificial intelligence, and collaborative robot: all in one platform PAL Robotics is excited to introduce our newest member:…