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Bring your stock invenctory to the next level with StockBot

The autonomous mobile robot for daily inventory-tracking and data collection.
StockBot Features

What StockBot does for you?

Easy to install and to use

Install StockBot in a single set-up without changing your store and integrate into your ERP from day 1. StockBot is fully adaptable to any store layout and will navigate safely in any space and condition, even if the shop is open and there are people around.

Have your stock located and gather in-store intelligence

Locate accurately every item in your store and warehouse with your robot’s advanced AI-based navigation system and RFID technology and high-tech RGB-D cameras. Improve your store management with an optimised restocking system, lower operational costs and automate inventory tracking.

Better, cheaper, and faster data to reduce your costs

Get accurate data on your stock’s availability, location, and movement. Visualise the concrete analytics and obtain detailed information to ensure to make the best data-driven decision.

Higher productivity and better customer experience

Let your workers focus on providing a great customer experience and enjoy greater productivity as StockBot takes charge of inventory counts.

StockBot Features

Check our retail-solutions.

In-Store Stock Optimisation

Optimize your stock through automated inventory counts once or multiple times per day.

Tag Positioning

Know exactly what you have in stock and where it is.

Full Adaptability

Adapts easily to any environment and our software ensures full compatibility with your stock control system.


Identify the most profitable areas of your store to help you take data-driven decisions.

Software Shielding

StockBot distinguishes between products in the warehouse and on the shop floor.

Multi-floor and multi-location support

Experience unparalleled versatility with StockBot. Move it across floors and buildings, StockBot will adapt thanks to the visual recognition capabilities.

Tell your story with software.

We use deep learning to make our software data-driven.
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In Numbers

1 day

Time of installation


Stock Accuracy

10 Billion

Items scaned

1 km2/h

Speed Coverage

10-12 h



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a special RFID?2020-05-04T14:46:25+02:00

The RFID is the following: EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C.

How does StockBot communicate with my ERP?2020-05-04T14:46:04+02:00

We integrate the data generated by the robot into the ERP of the customer, adapting to any API provided.

How precise does StockBot locate items in space?2020-05-05T09:48:32+02:00

StockBot locates products with a precision of 0.5 m.

How does it charge?2020-05-05T10:00:00+02:00

StockBot goes to recharge in its dock station autonomously after completing an inventory. The robot can run up to 12 hours continuously before going to the dock station, and completely recharges in 4 hours.

How is StockBot configured?2020-05-05T09:56:31+02:00

StockBot is set up in your facilities in a single day, when our team maps the store area and integrates the robot into your store’s inventory system. After that, you can easily define the areas of interest and forbidden areas in StockBot’s intuitive web GUI. As simple as this!

Can StockBot perform inventories around customers?2020-05-05T09:52:56+02:00

Sure! StockBot was born to adapt to all that happens inside of a store. Taking inventory while the store is open, with people around, is how StockBot works most of the time. Its advanced navigation system enables the robot to detect any person around, or to update its map if the furniture distribution is modified.
Get in touch with us to learn more.

What can I do with the products’ location?2020-05-05T10:05:33+02:00

Knowing your products’ location gives you an exhaustive knowledge of your store’s performance and gives you the information you need to improve it. With StockBot’s data, you can daily:

  • Detect misplaced products
  • Detect out-of-stock situations
  • Analyze your products’ distribution effectiveness
  • Take data-driven decisions
  • Check the end-caps distribution (with the StockBot that uses vision cameras)
  • Enable planogram checking (with the StockBot that uses vision cameras)
  • …And more!

Contact us and we will assess you how to make the most of your store!

How does StockBot work?2020-05-05T10:03:56+02:00
  1. The environment is mapped
  2. Inventory areas are defined through the web GUI
  3. The desired number of inventories are scheduled in the web GUI
  4. StockBot will autonomously do the inventories according to the configuration set
StockBot Features

Check our retail-solutions.

In-Store Stock Optimisation


Full Adaptability

Software Shielding


The robotic solution to manage your inventory in a more profitable way

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