We offer a wide range of robots that are used in logistics, stock-taking, inventory tracking, social engagement, collaboration or research projects worldwide. Find here the robotic platform that best fits your needs!

TIAGo Pro Edition

TIAGo Pro Edition, the ultimate mobile manipulator by PAL

The ultimate mobile manipulator with torque controllable arms for enhanced mobile manipulation capabilities.


ARan robot - PAL Robotics

Autonomous Mobile solution built for to meet your research and industrial needs, now with integrated vision sensors and Lidar.


The humanoid social robot ARI

Embody your Artificial Intelligence applications into ARI, equipped with cutting-edge computing power to make Robotics and AI work together.


Kangaroo robot, the walking biped research platform by PAL Robotics

KANGAROO is a prototype of bipedal research platform for exploring.


Stockbot, the RFID inventory-taking robot

The autonomous robot for daily inventory-tracking and data collection.



Front side of TALOS, the walking biped humanoid robot

The 1.75 m tall humanoid TALOS has sensored torque control at joint level and integrates the latest cutting-edge humanoid technology.


TIAGo Robot and TIAGo arm motor

TIAGo robot makes it immensely easy to develop applications thanks to its ROS software and countless expansion possibilities.

TIAGo Base

TIAGo Base, the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for logistics by PAL Robotics

 Autonomous solution to improve your intralogistics tasks.


The quadruped robotic platform SOLO12

Everything that you need in one pack. An accessible, affordable and modular locomotion platform for research and teaching.


Frontal view of the biped humanoid robot REEM-C

Bring your research one step ahead with REEM-C. Use it to implement and test your algorithms, or to get started in the field of biped robotics.

Are you in need of a different robot? We can develop the robotic solution that suits your requirements. Ask us!