PAL Robotics has been developing robotic platforms for research since 2004. Its main developments include the two humanoid robots REEM and REEM-C, and TIAGo inherits all the technology and robustness resulting from years of development and extensive use of the robots. PAL Robotics designs all the mechanics and electronics of its robots in a modular way, integrating high quality components like Harmonic Drive reducers in the arm motors and CAN bus for communication between electronic components. The CAN bus is more robust than other buses like RS-485 as it includes the data link layer of the OSI model and handles better faults and collisions.
PAL Robotics provides more than just a hardware platform. The company is integrating all its software in ROS since 2011. Building blocks of software and comprehensive documentation is provided to the customers in order to start working with the robots and obtaining results in a short time. Furthermore, for those who want low level access to the hardware, support is provided in order to do so. Software packages including autonomous navigation, perception, manipulation and HRI are provided.In order to enlarge the lifetime of our robots PAL Robotics provides extended warranty options and maintenance plans.