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The IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANOIDS 2021) is the internationally recognized prime event of the humanoid robotics community. Established in 2000 and held annually, the Humanoids Conference is a forum for researchers working in the area of humanoid robots including mechatronics, control, perception, planning, learning, human-robot interaction, biomechanics, artificial intelligence, cognition, and neuroscience. This year the HUMANOIDS conference will be taking place virtually on the 19-21 of July!

At the HUMANOIDS conference, PAL Robotics will be hosting a workshop “Adapting humanoid service robots for future industry”, which will focus on EU Project Memmo. The workshop is organized by PAL Robotics CTO, Luca Marchionni and co-organized by Robotics Engineer from TOWARD SAS, Pierre Fernbach. Memmo aims to develop memory of motion – a unified approach to motion generation for complex robots with arms and legs. The project works towards the development of three industrial demonstrators in the future of aircraft manufacturing, rehabilitation of paraplegic patients, and inspection of large engineering structures. This workshop’s aim is to present the developments and challenges regarding locomotion, the outcomes of the Project in both bipedal and quadrupedal robots, and the potential applications in the industry and service sectors and experts such as Nicolas Mansard from LAAS-CNRS and Mohsen Kaboli from BMW Group, amongst others yet to be confirmed, will share their insights.

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