Logo of Project SOCRATES for Social Cognitive Robotics in The European Society
  • Status: Completed

  • Reference: MSCA-ITN-2016
  • Topics: Assisted Living, Research, PhD.

Project description

The heart and soul of SOCRATES are our 15 PhD students that this project aims to train in order to improve and develop our understanding of social robotics, focusing on the concrete application of robotics in eldercare. To fulfil this end goal, Project SOCRATES  established a consortium to oversee the students’ training that includes:

  • 7 between universities and research institutes
  • 3 industrial partners
  • 2 user-oriented partners
  • 3 business-oriented organisations.
These partners and collaborators, from universities to companies, are from Sweden, Germany, Israel, England, and Spain. PAL Robotics works within the framework of the project as an industrial partner with the goal of organising and contributing to the workshop with our industrial expertise.  It is of great importance to offer intersectoral training to the PhD students in order to ensure a knowledge transfer and integration from academia to industry. Project SOCRATES therefore intends to create a synergy between the academic world and industrial companies to train and form the next generation of roboticists.
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Socrates is an MSCA-ITN-2016 – Innovative Training Networks funded by EC under grant agreement No 721619.