Fast Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles to Help Hospital Staff Fight COVID-19

Project description:

Hospitals and healthcare institutions are facing unprecedented challenges, including challenges in logistics which go beyond the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Delivering medication, documents, blood samples and other supplies is time consuming for caregivers and nurses and puts them at increased risk of infection, as well as wasting valuable time. In looking at technological solutions, we also recognise that hospitals need solutions that will be reliable, intuitive and won’t need a high level of training. That is why the project “Fast Deployment of AVs in Hospitals” was launched by PAL Robotics and Accerion.

TIAGo Delivery by PAL Robotics is able to navigate autonomously, finding the best route around the hospital and avoiding obstacles. The modularity of the Hardware and Software on the TIAGo Base allows upgrading easily. The new and innovative positioning technology from Accerion allows for faster set-up and enables smooth implementation to get the solution up and running as quickly as possible.

In summary, the solution in development which is to be deployed in hospitals, is an autonomous robot for transportation of goods ready to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis in hospitals and care centers by making deliveries to patients, allowing caregivers on the frontline to focus more on urgent patient treatment and care and helping reduce interactions and therefore infection rates.

PAL Robotics and DIH HERO Initiative for Fast Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles

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