ROS Control

Project description

The COVR project is focused on increasing safety for collaborative robots (or cobots) enabling new applications, which in turn aims to increase production of robots using the latest technologies. The project mission is also to significantly reduce the complexity in safety certifying cobots and increase safety for all robots sharing space with humans, by applying skill-based testing across robot domains. It is hoped that this project will aid the progression of robots operating in crowded spaces with lots of people.

PAL Robotics participated in the project during a nine month period which included two key project milestones. Our contribution was to use StockBot as a use case to help to improve the protocols on safety in this field, we tested retail inventory automation robot Stockbot at our facilities.

The project includes optional pilots at laboratories in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France and Italy, for companies to test cobot systems while being assisted by experts at the laboratories.

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