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Social robot ARI with an elderly woman during project SHAPES
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Start of pilots for home robot ARI in EU project SHAPES

ARI Home Robot for Project SHAPES The use of technology to help achieve excellence in science and industry, as well…
The social robots TIAGo and ARI as part of the work on AI applications in service robotics
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AI in service robotics: embodiment, machine learning and deep learning

Embodiment of AI in a robot The use of robots in non-industrial environments, such as healthcare, logistics, business and social…
Webinar on how to get started with the social robot ARI
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“Get started with ARI” in our free webinar

Who is the ARI webinar for? Social Robot ARI is our newest humanoid social robot which was created in 2019.…
The social robot ARI
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Your questions about our social robot, ARI, answered

Social robots: the advantages of AI embodiment With our robot ARI we created a platform that finally gives you enough…
The social robot ARI interacting with four people
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How to use our social robot ARI in your business

ARI for your business With a whole host of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services on offer, human-like features, and the ability…
The home robot ARI with an elderly woman and the logo of Project SHAPES
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Home robot – ARI helping in homes through EU project SHAPES

SHAPES project The EU project SHAPES, we are a partner in, will be starting use cases shortly, where ARI the…
The humanoid social robot ARI can be remote controlled with a ROS simulator
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ARI Wiki ROS simulator: remote control robot ARI

Remote controlling ARI with ROS simulator There are many different ways to control a robot, and the most widely used…
The social robot ARI with the wiki ROS Simulator 2
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ARI’s wiki ROS tutorials on SLAM

What is ARI, the social robot, by PAL Robotics? For humans, finding the way around a new place may involve…