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The retail robot StockBot tracking inventory in a store
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Stock-Taking Robots for a smart Inventory Management

How StockBot puts stock under control: a win-win for everyone As 2019 begins, new retail trends make it to the…
StockBot in a store for retail tasks
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EuroCIS: The revolution in retail comes with autonomous stock-taking robots

What can StockBot do for your store? High technological innovations help retailers stay competitive in nowadays market. The EuroCIS Fair…
The retail robot StockBot tracking inventory in a clothes shop
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Unprecedented stock control by merging RFID and vision into StockBot

Innovation in stock-control and inventory-tracking: RFID and vision combine in StockBot They say knowledge is power, and retail industry is…

2017: The year of the stock-taking robot

In the face of growing competition from e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores are having to innovate. With lower costs, speed and ease-of-use…
StockBot automates inventory-taking combining robotics and RFID
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PAL Robotics inventory-taking robot StockBot, to be present at RFID Journal Live!

StockBot presentation at RFID Journal Live If we talk about technologies that are improving labour market, we cannot forget RFID.…
The retail robot StockBot tracking inventory and taking stock
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Automating inventory-taking with StockBot

Smart inventory management with StockBot RFID technology was a forward leap on making inventory task easier and less tiresome. However,…